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'''Lancashire''' (, ;"The Phonology of English Dialects in the North of England" in Kortmann, B and Schneider, E. W. (eds.) ''A Handbook of Varieties of English'', Volume I. Berlin: Mouton, 2004, 130. archaically the '''County Palatine of Lancaster'''; abbreviated Lancs.) is a Non-metropolitan county|non-metropolitan Ceremonial counties of England|ceremonial county in north west England. The county town is Lancaster, Lancashire|Lancaster although the county's administrative centre is Preston, Lancashire|Preston and has a population of 1,449,300 and an area of . People from the county are known as Lancastrians. The history of Lancashire begins with its founding in the 12th century. In the ''Domesday Book'' of 1086, some of its lands were treated as part of Yorkshire. The land that lay between the River Ribble|Ribble and River Mersey|Mersey, ''Inter Ripam et Mersam'' was included in the...
Official nameLancashire
Other name| image_main = File:Lancashire rose.svg|150px|alt=
Image captionThe Red Rose of Lancaster is the county flower of Lancashire, and a common symbol for the county.
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Motto| locator_map = File:Lancashire UK locator map 2010.svg|200px|Lancashire within England
Coordinates| region = North West England
Established datec. 1182{{cite web| url=|title= Lancashire: county history| website = The High Sheriff's Association of England and Wales| date= 2010| accessdate= 30 December 2015}}
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